Sprintbooster Nederland

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Ultimate Control

Essing Performance Center will improve your throttle speed. Sprintbooster works with in perfect harmony with our tuning.

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Sprintbooster Nederland

Modern cars are controlled by an electronic throttle pedal. This device is set to a soft and comfortable setting by the manufacturer, but this is not to everyone’s preference. Most drivers notice the lack of acceleration.

At Essing Performance Center and dealers you can order and have your Sprintbooster installed. We make sure you are back in-control of your driving experience. Subtle, sporty or spicy acceleration all this and more is possible with Sprintbooster. read more

Agri Chiptuning

All your benefits

Consumer benefits :

  • Quicker and better acceleration
  • Takes care of “dead” throttle feel
  • Safer overtaking because of quicker throttle response
  • Customizable to your every need
  • 18 Different acceleration modes

For fleet managers:

  • Slower response for less ware and fuel consumption.
  • Maximum throttle pedal position programmable.
  • Extra safety due to lockable throttle pedal