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If you have a young car, bypass chiptuning may be the best solution for you. This increases the abilities and pull of your car without the potential of having issues with a factory warranty or your leasing company. The results of this external ECU are as good as those with OBD tuning, where we automatically adjust the software of your car.

The chances that the engine in your car can deliver much more power are very big. This is because car manufacturers do not want a separate engine for each model, but rather squeeze an existing engine to make it fit for a smaller model. This squeeze is also due to the strict environmental requirements that manufacturers have to make. The engine in your car can almost certainly provide more power, but engine management software prevents this. In this Electronic Control Unit, the injection of gasoline or diesel, the pressure that the turbo supplies and the moment of ignition must be adjusted so that the car consumes little fuel and emits little nitrogen oxides.

Before we can get started with your car, we must first determine how the manufacturer has adjusted your engine. We develop our software ourselves and therefor know exactly what a manufacturer means with certain adjustments. However, we always check this by reading and analyzing the settings in your ECU. Only so can we guarantee our work.

Directly adjusting the software has the disadvantage that many manufacturers will discover the adjustment. Certainly after ‘dieselgate’, they know that the actual consumption and emissions of their models are in the spotlight. Some manufacturers go so far as to cancel the car’s warranty with OBD tuning. Also, leasing companies often describe in their contracts that they do not want any changes to the available cars.

If you want more power and more driving pleasure, then a so-called bypass module is the solution. This method also uses the terms ‘powerbox tuning’ or better: a second ECU-tuning is used. Because then we do: we let the software in engine management remain original, but add a second ECU unit next to it. This external ECU unit, designed by us, gives the engine the right signals to release more power, making driving more lively and getting the car more pulling. With young turbo motors (diesel and gasoline), capacity can grow by at least 25%, but in our practice we often get higher returns.

An important advantage of bypass tuning is that you can  remove the powerbox easily if the car has to return to the garage, for example. With the long maintenance intervals of this moment, you will not experience such a thing so often, but you are sure that the brand garage will not notice that the car has been chipped by a bypass. After the check or repair, just return the second ECU and just drive! This reduces the chance of discovery, but of course we can not guarantee anything in this area. However, we guarantee that our information and our way of working will provide you with the best results of bypass tuning.

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EPC Car Chiptuning

You don’t buy a tuning for your car “at the grocery’s”. We recommend to buy tuning from a company, capable of measurements on a dyno // roll-on-road. Make sure your tuning was tested!! Every EPC tuning always was tested before sold to the public.

EPC supplies you reliable tuning for your car

  • EPC STOCK for the best price, incl. 2 yr product warranty
  • EPC ELITE for maximum power and torque, incl. 4 yr product warranty
  • EPC EOBD tuning, to reach the absolute mapping limits

Car brands

EPC Marine chiptuning

EPC Marine supplies a reliable power upgrade for your boat engine. You have a choice for more power out of your diesel engine, more power out of your gasoline engine, pure fuel efficiency with MARINE LAMBDA or extreme power up to 1500 Bhp in wich case we completely rebuild your engine up to the desired power upgrade.

Marine brands

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Agri Chiptuning

EPC Agri Chiptuning

EPC AGRI provides you the freedom to choose between

  • ECO: Save up to 7 liter per hour
  • POWER: Save up to 2 litre per hour, get up to 20 % extra power
  • ECO-POWER: SAVE up to 4 LITRE per hour and optimize the power by 10-15 %

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