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Essing Performance Center in Venray celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. As you are used to, it goes without hmuch bells and whistles, because we look gladly to the outcome of our work and let it be on a chest raised, be happy to pass on to others. Nevertheless, we may occasionally look back on what we have achieved with Essing Performance Center. A young and fresh company that is and remains in development.

Essing Performance Center was founded in 1997 as Essing Race Development by Wim Essing and Twan Kerstjens. Essing focused on technology, while Twan Kerstjens took over the general management. That sounds like a separation of work, but at Essing Performance, the love for chiptuning also goes where they cannot go, so there was close cooperation. Together, we have grown the business to what it is now.

Essing Performance focuses on recovering hidden power that is in all combustion engines. In passenger cars and vans it is often about more ability to find more speed or pulling power. For heavy diesel engines, such as trucks, agricultural vehicles and ships, we usually seek more torque with the aim of reducing fuel consumption at equal performance. There are several disciplines that at Essing Performance support on the knowledge that the engine settings of engines are always a compromise. A compromise between low nitrogen oxide emissions, low fuel consumption, low taxation, but high driving comfort and driving pleasure. Where manufacturers have to skipper between all these conditions, Essing Performance Center can make the choices that help users to get better results with their car or machine.

And so it could happen that at Essing Performance an Audi RS6 4.0 Tfsi with more than 850 900 HP left the workshop in Venray. Just because the owner really likes it. But we’re just as fond of a Kia Picanto 25% more ability to get the holiday address behind the Alps. Whether we make sure that a payroll worker with his Claas agricultural machine consumes much less fuel when working on the land. These are the clientele that are the guide to Essing Performance Center.

Over the years, there have been several changes to the company. The name has been modified several times and many customers know Essing Performance, for example, as Essing Dieseltuning. In 2017, Wim Essing decided to leave the company in good friendship and consultation, and Twan Kerstjens has fully owned the Essing Performance Center. In recent years, EPC has delivered over 70,000 self-tuned tuning sets in over 60 countries.

Fun fact: The Essing circuit boards are from Boxmeer, a Dutch manufacturer. Look HERE to view the video about our production and judge yourself.