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Chiptuning of Essing Performance supplies the right tuning product to cater to all your wishes in the field of engine optimization. Chiptuning can be realised via your computer (so-called ECU), or via a powerpack, also called piggy bag, external ECU, powerbox or tuningbox. Since 2010 worldwide demand for our EPC tuningbox has grown because chiptuning in the engine ECU is no longer possible or your ECU has to opened to process the chiptuning. Also brand dealers such as Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Seat, Skoda and Mercedes recognize chiptuning in the ECU when your car is serviced. EPC tuning products are not recognizable as such and have been thoroughly tested to offer carefree driving pleasure. Our extensive dealer network worldwide will see to the professional installation of our tuning products.

ChiptuningExternal ECU

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EPC Car Chiptuning

You don’t buy a tuning for your car “at the grocery’s”. We recommend to buy tuning from a company, capable of measurements on a dyno // roll-on-road. Make sure your tuning was tested!! Every EPC tuning always was tested before sold to the public.

EPC supplies you reliable tuning for your car

  • EPC STOCK for the best price, incl. 2 yr product warranty
  • EPC ELITE for maximum power and torque, incl. 4 yr product warranty
  • EPC EOBD tuning, to reach the absolute mapping limits

Car brands

EPC Marine chiptuning

EPC Marine supplies a reliable power upgrade for your boat engine. You have a choice for more power out of your diesel engine, more power out of your gasoline engine, pure fuel efficiency with MARINE LAMBDA or extreme power up to 1500 Bhp in wich case we completely rebuild your engine up to the desired power upgrade.

Marine brands

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Agri Chiptuning

EPC Agri Chiptuning

EPC AGRI provides you the freedom to choose between

  • ECO: Save up to 7 liter per hour
  • POWER: Save up to 2 litre per hour, get up to 20 % extra power
  • ECO-POWER: SAVE up to 4 LITRE per hour and optimize the power by 10-15 %

Agri brands