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Chip tuning & Eco-tuning

Does not void your warranty

In contrast to re-mapping, also called chiptuning EPC ELITE does not void your manufacturer’s warranty. Once our tuning kit is removed, you can safely bring your car to your dealer. No traces are left behind. Ideal for lease drivers and or vehicle owners still having manufacturer’s warranty.

Up to 30 % extra power

Up to 30 % extra torque and hp. With our EPC ELITE installed within minutes we do provide this extra power upgrade for your vehicle. Flatpost or so-called turbo lag will be eliminated, resulting in more powerfull acceleration and smoothless shifting. Of course within safe tolerances of your car’s manufacturer.


Your EPC ELITE tuningkit is a one-off investment for your car. Once you receive your new car, we ensure to provide you with the correct new programm for your new car. Our dealer network will assist you of course. EPC ELITE tuningkit offer unlimited re-programming


direct and beneficial

Chiptuning in the ECU is the most direct way to improve the performance of your car. Whether it’s the best method for your car (age, lease) and for your wishes, we will sum up before we begin. Only in this way we know that the chip tuning for your car is also wise for a long term.


External ECU
result and no hassle

If you have a young car, bypass chiptuning may be the best solution for you. This increases the abilities and pull of your car without the potential of having issues with a factory warranty or your leasing company. The results of this external ECU are as good as those with OBD tuning, where we automatically adjust the software of your car.

External ECU

Getunede BMW

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Essing Performance focuses on recovering hidden power that is in all combustion engines. In passenger cars and vans it is often about more ability to find more speed or pulling power. For heavy diesel engines, such as trucks, agricultural vehicles and ships, we usually seek more torque with the aim of reducing fuel consumption at equal performance. There are several disciplines that at Essing Performance support on the knowledge that the engine settings of engines are always a compromise.

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